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Name:Melou of Camelot
Birthdate:Apr 21
Melou is the second born son of Mordred and his wife, Cywyllog, born along with his identical twin brother, Melehan, in 505 AD.

Melou is a people person. He is talkative, charming and a bit of a joker. As well, he is an intelligent boy, well tutored at the insistence of Mordred, although Melou has taken more of an interest in combat training then reading or writing. At times, it may be difficult to take him seriously, as that’s more his brother’s job, but underneath the wit and silliness, Melou is an angry boy very hurt by the recent death of his father.

Much to their mother’s dismay, both boys have inherited their father’s Sight, the ability to see the future in dreams and visions – Melou in dreams while sleeping, Melehan in visions while awake. As such, Melou is often plagued with cryptic nightmares, which can lead him into bouts of depression. As always though, he tries to put up a brave front and these may actually be the times when he acts the most childish and silly. This is for the most part for the sake of his mother, as Melou is close to her and doesn’t want to worry her more than she already is. The boys also speak in their own twin language, which "will appear like this."

After the deaths of their father and grandfather – by each other’s hand, Cywyllog moved the boys to Din-Gonwy in Wales. This is where her brother, Maelgwn, rules Gwynedd and takes care of the twins due to their Pendragon blood. Their uncle has taken charge of their training to be warriors and plans to use his nephews in his own bid for the throne. Melehan and Melou, however, have their own ideas about honouring their father’s memory but for the time being, they play their parts as pawns, learning all that they can from Maelgwn.

Currently 17 years old, Melou like his brother is tall (a shade under 6')and athletic, with fair skin, dark hair, and their mother’s dark eyes.

For the sake of continuity: [info]cywyllog is his mother, and he comes in from twelve years in her future.

Melou is from the Arthurian legends, and thus public domain. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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